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{October 1, 2007}   EcoMe for planet-friendly pets!

We are loving EcoMe, a fab brand from the US of A that makes novel, natural pet products.

We found the adorable EcoMe Natural Cat Kit and just thought, well heck we should have done that as we’ve been making natural flea collars for our kittys for years!

Eco-Me allows you to make your own natural Flea and Bug spray, Litter Freshener, indulge your Cat in organic treats like Cat Grass and a Catnip pillow.EcoMe Cat Kit

Pets are exposed to chemicals the same way humans are, through ingestion, dermal contact and inhalation. So using natural products and keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

Kit includes:
3 containers to mix your Eco-Me Cat products
1 bottle of Eco-Me Cat blend essential oil mix
1 mixer
1 Bag of Organic Catnip
1 Natural Burlap Cat pillow
1 Bag of organic soil *note: orders shipped to Canada will not include soil.
1 Bag of organic cat grass seeds (mix of wheat, oat & barley seeds).

And all a total steal at $28 dollars!

So make your kitty or poochy part of the green brigade and clean up your act!


{August 16, 2007}   Organic Pet Food


Yarrah Organic Catfood from

Doncha just love the cute n furry ones! You want to make sure that their ears are perky, tails are a waggin’ (or swishing in kittys case) & their eyes are sparkling!

Well organic or bio pet food is the way to go & it’s not that easy to find in Ireland but…..

Here’s some I found……..
does organic dog food which is GMO free, free from additives & artificial flavours.
is a brand new company making doggie biscuits which are natural and come in exciting doggie flavours such as Carrot Cake, Vegetable & Cheese Pizza to name but a few.
we can’t leave out our feline friends! Zooplus sell Yarrah organic cat food via their online store in Chicken and Fish flavours!

et cetera