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The Cultivate Centre are presenting ideas for a cooler earth at this years Electric Picnic!

For those of you who not in the know Electric Picnic is quite simply the best music festival to hit our green shores! This year the festival is on from 29th – 31st August in the lush grounds of Stradbally Hall in Co. Laois!

The focus of Cultivates Global Green is to Rethink, Redress, Reform & Re-engage environmental issues and climate change.

The forum for these events is the eco-cool Global Green at the Electric Picnic where festival punters can slowdown and take in some good organic food, eco beats, and reflect on a better world.

This year The Cultivate Centre are bringing together a collection of leading edge organisations artists, designers, thinkers to creatively explore a more just and sustainable world.

The hub of The Global Green is the Cultivate dome, which will see a packed schedule of films, new media, world-café, world-music, discussions and talks around the very hot issues of energy scarcity and our shifting climate.

As always the themes are geared towards proactive, positive responses, and looking at ways to adapt and change our behaviour to the changing environment.

  • Rethink.. the future and the way we live.
  • Redress.. ideas for ethical fashion.
  • Reform.. the latest in eco-design.
  • Re-engage.. artists and designers come together around critical issues.
Electric Picnic is the highlight of our summer festival season, the music is great and the ethos of the festival is even better! 

Now in it’s 5th year, Electric Picnic is paving the way for sustainable, carbon neutral music & lifestyle festivals in Ireland.

This year EP08  have worked with a number of environmental groups and consultancies, including CultivateFriends of the Earth and Ecocem, to begin the process of creating a Carbon Responsible Electric Picnic. Offset providers will also be on site, providing information to festival goers on the footprint of the festival and our own associated footprint, and strategies to reduce and offset this.

EP08 are offsetting the emissions caused by the festivals energy consumption, using high quality, independently verified emission reductions (Offsets) available, generated in Ireland by Ecocem. 


Finally the trend for everything organic has reached the perfume industry, with edgy independent perfumers now heading a revival in 100% natural perfumery.

Today, almost every perfume is created from synthetic essences. Although synthetics approximate the odors of natural ingredients, they have none of the complexity, mystery or emotional depth. Natural perfumes bring an inexplicable emotional intensity to the experience of an authentic smell and the memories it sparks and creates.

Over 2.5 million people in Ireland and the UK alone are allergic to perfume, as most perfumes are now formulated using petrochemical bases which cause a host of allergen related problems.

Most modern, commercial perfumes are made almost exclusively from cheap synthetic ingredients – some of which are potential carcinogens and often derived from petroleum sources. Common industry ingredients such as synthetic musks are far from sexy – they can disrupt your hormone balance and are potential causes of cancer! Choosing organic and natural perfumes will ensure no phthalates, synthetic ingredients or petroleum-derived alcohols will be absorbed into your body. Organic and natural perfumes will also not pollute the environment and don’t rely on unsustainable petroleum sources.

So if you’re not a fan of loud, tenacious and synthetically enhanced scents then the new generation of natural and organic perfumes will keep you eco-chic and chemical free.

Perfumes made using naturals evolve, mellow and age with the skin in a more intimate way. What you’re left with is the soft smell of the human body, not a tinny, chemical dry-down.

Most natural perfumes last about 2 hours and need to be reapplied but there is a sensuality in this for those who appreciate the true pleasures of natural perfumes.

There are now some fantastic organic perfumes on the market, that are fresh, enlivened, pure and smell just divine, below are some of our favourite scents.

Jo Wood Usiku Organic Body Dew – 55.00 Euro
A a divine spray with warm notes of wood, vanilla and opoponax that reminds us of Marrakesh and arabian nights.

Neals Yard Cologne – 20.00 Euro
One of our favourites, this fresh, zesty cologne is a blend of grapefruit, sandlewood and bergamot. 

Rich Hippie Perfumes – 225.00 Euro
An uber-luxe wildcrafted and organic range with eclectic scents and names to match. Try out Bohemian Wedding, Maharishi or Kalachakra.

Rich Hippie

Farfalla – 40.00 Euro
Farfalla is a Swiss brand which makes 98% organic perfumes and natural sprays. Try out Shandrani for floral notes of jasmine and tuberose or L’Amour for sensual hints of rose, iris and sandlewood.


Aftelier Perfumes – 60.00 Euro – 800 Euro
Created by natural fragrance guru, Mandy Aftel, Aftelier Perfumes handcrafts solid perfumes, liquid perfumes and custom perfumes.

Ooh joyous tidings…. a fab new organic beauty emporium has just opened in Limerick and we’re very very excited!!!!

Alchemist Earth, a darling little store features just about every single one of our favourite organic beauty brands under one roof!

Owners Michaela and Fergal obviously know their parabens from their patchouli & have filled their shelves with top-end organic beauty brands, some of which are only available from Alchemist Earth.

 Alchemist Earth

So start off 2008 with a dash of eco-chic and clean up your skincare regime with some of these super-sassy natural and organic brands

1- Nadur Organics (gorgeously luxe Irish beauty brand)

2 – The Organic Pharmacy (yummy UK brand)

3- John Masters (USA, we love JM!)

4- Suki (cult USA skincare range)  

Alchemist Earth, 10 Sarsfield Street, Limerick City – Tel: 061- 404218


et cetera