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{August 18, 2007}   Opening a Can-O-Worms


CanOWorms Pack

So there you are thinking that you’re great getting your daily Vit’s by juicing, making scrummy salads & getting rid of the flowers that have been wilting in the vase for about 3 weeks!!!

But…..are you just going to throw all the excess waste into the bin OR are you going to let nature give you a little squiggly hand!!!!???

Well we bought ourselves a Can-O-Worms last year, out of pure guilt about contributing to landfills & also to save on paying bin charges to boot!

What’s a Can-O-Worms you say? Well my precioussssss, tis a wee contraption that looks like a roundy-bin on legs (as featured below).
CanOWorms Layered viewCanOWorms Internal view

It’s full of nice friendly worms who will eat all your household waste, guzzle it right up & leave you a little pressie of some super nutritious plant food after about 4 months.

The sustainable squigglers can process nearly all food waste except meat, citrus & onions (oh ya even worms hate onion breath!).

They’ll even gobble up your vacum cleaner waste, egg cartons, hair clippings & egg shells.

The Can-O-Worms fits nicely onto a decking area, balcony or garden & before you ask, NO they don’t smell at all!

We had a few accidents with our worms initially, gave them too much food! Which is a very very bad thing to do as the poor little things can’t eat it quick enough & the food will then decompose (use your imagination for the rest!!!).

But they are well worth it, easy to maintain & cost about €169 which is a bargain considering how much you’ll be saving on bin charges & gain good karma by helping Mama Earth!

You can buy Can-O-Worms at the following stores; (Wicklow) (Wicklow) (Dublin) (Cork)


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