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Dublin Food Co-op, Ireland’s longest running Organic Market, is set to move to a new premises in Dublin 8 on October 20th 2007.

The Food Coop is the longest established organic food market in Dublin and has been in existence since 1983. At present, there are over 1300 members. For the past 15 years they have successfully worked out of St. Andrews Community Centre in Pearse Street but due to the increased demand for quality food, there was a pressing need to expand and hence the move to No. 12 Newmarket Square.

You’ll find a host of foodie delights at The Dublin Co-op, organic delights, freshly picked local organic fruit & vegetables, organic eggs, wholefoods, organic cheeses, fresh baked sourdough breads, quiches, tarts and savouries, freshly made vegetarian Indian foods along with fresh herbs, home made jams and chutneys.

There are also a wide variety of fair-trade teas & freshly ground organic coffees, handcrafted chocolates, organic wines and superfoods – the raw & living foods stall. You will also find a selection of environmentally-friendly toiletries, aromatherapy oils and if its responsible fashion you are after, organic clothes from Unicorn Design.

The weekly food market, which opens from 9.30am-4pm on Saturdays, is now expanding its opening hours to Thursdays from 2pm-8pm.

Admission is free to members and €2 for visitors. If you would like to join contact


{September 4, 2007}   Linwoods Goji Berries


Linwoods is an Irish company based in Armagh & they are on top of the health food game with their brilliant range of healthy products.

We are particulary enamoured with their sun-dried Goji Berries.

In case you think the above is a mispelling, yes indeed we are talking about Goji Berries (also known as Wolf Berries)!!

These darling little miracle fruits look like a cross between a cranberry & a cherry.

They are chock full of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants (brilliant for combating free-radicals which accelerate the aging process) and essential amino acids.

Linwoods GojiberriesFresh Gojis

Linwoods source their Goji’s from the Ningxia province in the north-east of China. Apparently there are about 41 Asian strains of Gojiberry or Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum (its botanical name).

Goji Berries have been traditionally regarded as a longevity and strength building food! The plants grow like bushes with vines that reach over 14 feet. And if the berries are touched by hand, they oxidize and turn black, so instead they are harvested by shaking the vines onto collection mats and then dried.

They don’t taste amazing but if you sprinkle them on top of your favourite cereal with some yoghurt or in smoothies etc then they’re not so bad. The health-giving benefits far outweigh the taste.

Goji Berries cost about €8-€10 for a 250g bag (you only need 20-30g per day) and they are available from most healthstores, pharmacies & some supermarkets!

Go-oooooo Gojiberries!

Hmmmmm wonder can you grow them in Ireland? Goji Berrie & Strawberry Pie, slurpppp!



The Strawberry Tree @ The Brooklodge Hotel (Macreddin Village, Wicklow) is Ireland’s only certified organic restaurant (certifed by The Organic Trust).

The Strawberry Tree, headed-up by gastronomic innovator Evan Doyle, serves tantalising cuisine created with organic, wild-crafted & local artisanal ingredients.

We visited a few months ago (four of us in total) & faced a gastronomic assualt of the senses, with flavours that packed a punch by hitting every single corner of our palettes.


We ate wild/organic foods, tender venison, beef fillet cooked to perfection, wild john dory & all dressed with sharp yet sweet mango chutneys, roasted pears in wine, balsamic jus & accompanied by braised chicory, green beans, wild mushrooms etc.

The wine list was fantastic too, the best organic wine list I’ve seen on these shores

After much debate we chose the De Martino Cabernet Sauvignon (an organic red wine from the Maipo Valley in Chile) which was honestly the best red wine I’ve tasted to date.

The restaurant dining rooms had an eclectic style of decor to say the least – walls, floors & ceilings were bedecked in navy – an unusual & brave choice – clearly designed by some maverick (or mentally insane) interior designer.

The darkness of the decor was brightened by several candles which illuminated every table, hence we dined by candlelight which added wonderfully to the whole ambience.

I could not fault The Strawberry Tree on anything, the food was impeccably exquisite, mouth-watering & beautifully presented, the wine was divine, service fantastic but………….

…….it’s just a pity that whilst eating our beautiful organic & artisan food by candlelight, I noticed that the candles were made from paraffin wax (which emits toxins & chemical particulates into the air).

What a pity that this lack of awareness about the toxins in paraffin wax candles slightly hindered our enjoyment of the meal – dining on wonderful chemical-free foods whilst inhaling petroleum by-products via the candles is never a good thing!

So Dearest Brooklodge, please review your candles & get yourself some natural, plant-wax versions, so much nicer & chemical free!

See our recent post on Nadur Organics candles, which are 100% natural & toxin-free.

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