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{March 26, 2008}   Organic make-up

The organic trend is quickly moving into the Colour Cosmetics & Make-up market. While this still remains quite niche (less than 1% of all make up launched in 2007 was organic), use of this claim has doubled in the past year (Mintel Global New Product Database).

Organic and natural make-up is bang on trend for 2008 & some really exciting new brands have emerged which are glamming up cosmetics au natural. There is also increasing crossover between mineral and organic make up too.

Most cosmetics on the market are loaded with toxins, artifical fragrances and preservatives. When you consider the average woman eats 5 pounds (450g) of lipstick throughout her life, using a natural and organic lip stick is key.

 Some of our favourite brands are listed below:

Dr Hauschka 
Dr Hauschka
Created over 40 years ago Dr Hauschka is one of the original natural skincare brands. The products are BDIH certified and free from synthetic chemical fragrances, colours and preservatives. We love the Translucent Make-up (liquid foundation in Colour 01) for pale Irish skin gives good coverage and blends in nicely for a very natural look.

Another German brand, Logona utilisee the highest quality natural raw materials such as premium waxes, veggie oils, floral distillates and herbal extracts in their formulations. We’re big fans of their Maroon 08 Lipstick, for kiss me quick, ruby red lips!

Nvey Eco
Nvey Eco
Nvey Eco a new brand from down under, explodes the myth that going green reduces performance. The products are slickly packaged and come in a variety of colours for every skin type! Nvey Eco is available in Gloss Beauty (Dublin 8), Carter Beauty (Dun Laoghaire) & for further nationwide stockists visit Irish Distribution company House Of Wellness.

Organic Glam
Organic Glam
Created by cult-organic brand The Organic Pharmacy, OG (Organic Glam) is a divine range of make-up that uses mineral colours, herbal extracts and antioxidants to enhance the skin even more. We love love love their liquid eyeliner, which glides on smoothly making us look like a young Audrey Hepburn!

As more and more organic cosmetic launches are expected in 2008, ethical considerations will be more prominent & segmentation by age is helping to refine the trend.
New brands to watch out for are:
Mode Cosmetics (US) – new face and eye products with natural, organic ingredients.
Devita International (US) – 100% vegan make up in for women aged between 40 and 70 years old.
Von Natur (US) vegan-friendly, non-talc-based mineral make-up range.


Finally the trend for everything organic has reached the perfume industry, with edgy independent perfumers now heading a revival in 100% natural perfumery.

Today, almost every perfume is created from synthetic essences. Although synthetics approximate the odors of natural ingredients, they have none of the complexity, mystery or emotional depth. Natural perfumes bring an inexplicable emotional intensity to the experience of an authentic smell and the memories it sparks and creates.

Over 2.5 million people in Ireland and the UK alone are allergic to perfume, as most perfumes are now formulated using petrochemical bases which cause a host of allergen related problems.

Most modern, commercial perfumes are made almost exclusively from cheap synthetic ingredients – some of which are potential carcinogens and often derived from petroleum sources. Common industry ingredients such as synthetic musks are far from sexy – they can disrupt your hormone balance and are potential causes of cancer! Choosing organic and natural perfumes will ensure no phthalates, synthetic ingredients or petroleum-derived alcohols will be absorbed into your body. Organic and natural perfumes will also not pollute the environment and don’t rely on unsustainable petroleum sources.

So if you’re not a fan of loud, tenacious and synthetically enhanced scents then the new generation of natural and organic perfumes will keep you eco-chic and chemical free.

Perfumes made using naturals evolve, mellow and age with the skin in a more intimate way. What you’re left with is the soft smell of the human body, not a tinny, chemical dry-down.

Most natural perfumes last about 2 hours and need to be reapplied but there is a sensuality in this for those who appreciate the true pleasures of natural perfumes.

There are now some fantastic organic perfumes on the market, that are fresh, enlivened, pure and smell just divine, below are some of our favourite scents.

Jo Wood Usiku Organic Body Dew – 55.00 Euro
A a divine spray with warm notes of wood, vanilla and opoponax that reminds us of Marrakesh and arabian nights.

Neals Yard Cologne – 20.00 Euro
One of our favourites, this fresh, zesty cologne is a blend of grapefruit, sandlewood and bergamot. 

Rich Hippie Perfumes – 225.00 Euro
An uber-luxe wildcrafted and organic range with eclectic scents and names to match. Try out Bohemian Wedding, Maharishi or Kalachakra.

Rich Hippie

Farfalla – 40.00 Euro
Farfalla is a Swiss brand which makes 98% organic perfumes and natural sprays. Try out Shandrani for floral notes of jasmine and tuberose or L’Amour for sensual hints of rose, iris and sandlewood.


Aftelier Perfumes – 60.00 Euro – 800 Euro
Created by natural fragrance guru, Mandy Aftel, Aftelier Perfumes handcrafts solid perfumes, liquid perfumes and custom perfumes.

April 17th 2008 sees Cultivate host a seminar on the health benefits of Seaweed.The talk which is being chaired by Rosaria Piseri (founder of Irish seaweed brand, Algaran), will focus on Thalassotherapy, Algotherapy & Seaweed’s uses in our ancestors’ lives and practical lessons of how to use seaweed in cooking and cosmetics. 

€25 for each session.  To book call:  01 6745773

We’re huge fans of using seaweed beauty products and also for dietary benefits.

Indeed one of our favourite recipes featuring Seaweed can be found in the brilliant Blazing Salads cookbook, Mexican Bean Casserole made using Kombu or our favourite seaweed Dulse.

AlgAran are relatively new to the market, all products are made in Ireland and feature both beauty and food-based products which are cheap, cheerful and do somewhat what they say on the tin.

Algaran beauty product

Though AlgArans packaging leaves a lot to be desired & could do with a style-savvy revamp to get rid of the twee Oirish connotations and possibly help them get a foothold in the international market!

et cetera