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{August 20, 2007}   Ecobaby – changing the nappy


Eco Baby

Sometimes it’s just plain impossible to leave the house when the usual kiddy-orientated dramas take place (teething, colds, tired Mummy and tantrums etc).

Well the answer ladies is to get online and order baby must-haves, saving you time, shopping bag backache & your sanity!

Ecobaby is a wonderful online store that sells environmentally friendly baby products & other eco-products that Mummies need!

Launched in 1995 by Renate von Dreusche, who after having her twins realised that she wanted to try protect the environment for her children & for their future…..and so was born Ecobaby!

The best Ecobaby buys in our opinion are:
Moltex Eco Nappies
made from unbleached woodpulp and fewer chemicals than other non-eco brands so less residue will coat your darlings baby’s delicate skin.

biodegradable & compostable refuse bags which are also recyclable (even Dublin corporation are now using them in their public bins).

natural sanitary products for us girlies. Natracare products are made using natural materials, they are non-chlorine bleached and contain no synthetic ingredients or petrochemicals.
Moltex NappiesEarth2Earth Bio BagsNatracare

Ecobaby charges a flat delivery fee of €5.00 and they ship using An Post or Fastways Couriers (if you live in the Dublin area), and it’s great for stocking up on heavy or bulky items such as nappies, laundry liquids etc.

Ecobaby delivery service – making Mummies smile across the nation!


{August 18, 2007}   I’ve got a Hairy Baby!!!


Okay, okay I don’t have an actual hairy child persay, but we are huuuuge fans of Hairy Baby tee-shirts. They not only have nifty tees for the sproglings but also for the big kids too (us adults!).

If you haven’t discovered Hairy Baby tees by now, then get your tushie in gear, get on their website & order the best rib-tickling, gigglefit inducing threads you’re likely to find this side of the Galaxy.

The slogans on the tees are quintessentially Oirish (but not in a twee Leprachaun way, more of a savvy pop-cultural analysis kind of way).

But the big bonus with Hairy Baby is that all their tees are made from Organic Cottons and environmentally friendly dyes.

They have an online store on their website, are based in Kerry & do FREEEEE deliveries.

Our fave tees are;

HairyBabyHospitalHairyBabyEejitHairyBabyMumWineHB Bogtrotter

We’ve got only one teeny tiny criticism, we wish that their slogans were a bit bigger!

et cetera