EcoBabe Ireland: the style savvy, eco-chic blog

Ecobabes started this blog on 16 of August 2007.

At first it was scary because EcoBabes didn’t have a clue where to start!!!

But after endless Blackle-ing (the new Eco-friendly way to search the InternetloadsofinfowheredoIstart) EcoBabes managed to find a way to start a blog & so began (drum roll) the world of wonder & totally fabilis blogsphere that is EcoBabes!

EcoBabes lives in Dublin, Ireland but dreams of living by the sea in Cork or Kerry! Ecobabes spends a lot of time trying to find ways to be as eco-friendly & as fabulous as possible.

EcoBabes loves all things natural, organic, ethical, green & of course gorgeous!

Ecobabes does not like when people throw rubbish on the ground, pick their noses in cars (because clearly no-one can see them!), people who never say thankyou when you’ve opened a door for them & people who don’t give-up their seats for old ladies, old laddies & the wee people (aka kiddy-babies).

Apart from the above dislikes, EcoBabes is a happy camper, realistically optimistic & optimistically realistic!

EcoBabes set up her blog just for kicks but to also source the best in ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products from Ireland & around the Globe…….and of course to spread the word about Ecoluv!

So don’t panic, it’s organic! And enjoy visiting EcoBabes for style savvy, eco-chic tips!

  • Being green does not mean dressing in a burlap sack, drinking mucky teas, living in a tree & looking like you just fell out of a hedge!
  • Being an EcoBabe is about being aware, educated, ethical, sustainable, organic & of course totally fabulous!
  • EcoBabe

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