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After fruitless Health Store searches for a decent Sudsy Shampoo and Creamy Conditioner…we’ve finally found the mac-daddy of Natural/Organic hair products – say hello to Aubrey Organics!

Aubrey Organics is an American brand & we got our yummy products by ordering on the internet from the UK, but boy was it worth it!

Where other natural/organic hair products fail is that they’re just formulated really really badly, lack of foam or suds, barely there moisturisation, little or no aroma and they come in small containers that are just too small!

Well Aubrey products are different, they smell great, but even better they work fantastically!

We tried out the Green Tea Shampoo for Oily Hair & the GPB Glycogen Protein Conditioner.

Both products come in 325ml containers which is great, as it means you don’t have to shop for Shampoo every week (take note producers of inadequate 100ml bottles).

The Green Tea Shampoo is heavenly, it smells divine, really foams up and last for ages! Using this in the morning just puts you in a good mood!

The GPB Conditioner is just fab! really thick and nourishing & it brilliantly conditions hair so that it looks and feels glossy, healthy & super shiny! Smells gorgeous too.

What more could you ask for!

We haven’t found anyone in Ireland that stocks these fantastic Shampoos & Conditioners, but hopefully someone will soon (hint hint).

There are a lot of new brand Shampoos & Conditioners in Health Stores which quite frankly are just disappointing to use.

So here is our very own list of Baddies vs Goodies

Druide (Canadian brand) – poor sudsing, no aroma, left hair prone to tangling & squeaky!
Dr Hauschka (German brand) – poor sudsing, no aroma, bottles too small.
Urtekram – no aroma & watery consistency.
Lavera (German brand) – no aroma, the Shampoos are okay, but the Conditioners are a no-no in terms of moisturisation and feelgood factor.
Natura Organics – weak on all fronts, no aroma, no suds, no decent conditioning!

Faith In Nature (UK brand) – nice large bottles, good shampoos’s but conditioners are a bit watery.
Weleda (German brand) – nice sudsing and creamy conditioning.
Avalon Organics – good solid performing shampoos and conditioners with nice herbal aromas.
John Masters Organics (US brand) – a higher-end brand but yummy aromas & good textures.
Headonism – yum yum yummy!

We’re off now to wash our hair again with Aubrey Organics, the range is just so darn nice!


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