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{August 31, 2007}   Rude Health Show (1-2 September)


Rude Health
Rude Health 2007 is on in the RDS this weekend, and should prove to be a greenfest of all things eco, enviro, enjoyable & eclectic!

Rude Health used to be called “Your Health”, but this year they’ve up the ante with a funky new re-brand & remit!

This show is a one-stop-shop for everything that you need to be green & gorgeous!

They have stands focusing on The Environment, Food, Skincare, Remedies, Therapies and Sports/Fitness.

Lots of great brands will be featured such as our own Irish faves; Klee Paper, Nadur Organics, Lillys Eco-Clean plus other Irish brands;

The Organic Centre – fab education centre in Leitrim
Blakes Organic Chocolate – Irish company that gets their organic choccy made in Switzerland of all places!
Sowans Organic Bread – yummy Irish bread company doing lovely (and easy) bread mixes.
Wholefoods Wholesale – the penultimate organic wholesaler of foodstuffs.

There will also be talks by leading lights in various fields such as;

Clodagh McKenna – chef and farmers market enthuasist.
Bernadette Bohan – cancer surviver & champion of healing through nutrition.
Jan de Vries – herbal and naturopathic advice.
Jason Vale – the daddy-o of raw juicing.
Joshua Onysko – truth speaker of the evils of mass produced, non-organic beauty products.

The above list could go on 4evah! so just check out Rude Health yourself this weekend, that is if you’re not off for some Electric Picnicing!


{August 28, 2007}   iameco – Eco computers


iameco logo
iameco are an Irish company that manufacture eco-friendly computers that are free from hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, chromium and brominated flame retardants or plastics.

iameco computers are updateable, upgradable, re-usable and recyclable & their lifecycles have been designed to minimise ecological burdens.
iameco screens

Not only are they environmentally-friendly but they’re also beautifully finished, with each computer being housed in stylised wooden cases made from certified woods such as maple wood, sapele wood & solid beech.
iameco hardrives

Screen prices vary from about €399 (incl. VAT) & hard-drives vary from €3299 (incl. VAT). The computers are designed to last for a minimum of 7 years and iameco offers a good back-up service for repairs & up-grades.


Green Machine Round LogoGreen Machines logo

Green Machines is an Irish company that sells & distributes alternative energy vechicles.

They have a huge range of eco-friendly modes of transport, from mini-scooters & mopeds to electric cars & public service vehicles.

All of their products have electric motors, which can have different charge-up times depending on the vechicle size.

We especially love the E-Scooter, a zippy little City Moped.
Green Machine E-Scooter

This retro-styled beauty has a 48V engine & will take about 4 hours to charge up but you will get about 40km per charge!

It comes in ooh so pretty colours of blue/white, purple/white or all black.

Now obviously, it’s better if your electricity comes from an alternative energy source too such as Airtricity.

The purple E-scooter is definitely going on our wish list, sigh sigh!

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